Image credit: Joe Okpako – ProJoe Photography

'Desire' Music Video

80six were approached by the band with the idea of performing their latest single ‘Desire’ from within a giant LED cube. The concept plans were drawn up after an initial meeting and within four days the idea was turned into a reality at Halliford Studios in Shepperton. 120 square metres of ROE MC-7H panels were installed with a custom ground support system. The content was fed from two Hippotizer Karst v4’s, the majority of which was generated on the fly on the day of the shoot utilizing the in built FX generators. Live camera feeds were also relayed to the screens whilst filming which created an infinite hall of mirrors effect. The final edit carried out by the lead singer Jon has resulted in an audible and visual feast for the eyes and ears.
  • ROE MC-7H
  • Hippotizer Karst V4

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